Meet Dr. Duplessie

A pioneer in the field of LASIK and corneal surgery, I am able to offer informed, personalized treatment for every patient.

LASIK Pioneer

I recognized the life- changing potential of LASIK early in my career and have since been on a mission to provide people with the gift of perfect vision. 

I popularized the term LASIK, changing the name from E-IKM.  Organizing the first United States LASIK course, my book on the course included the first textbook chapters on myopic and hyperopic LASIK.

Approximately 700,000 LASIK procedures are now performed annually, making it one of the most common surgeries in the United States.

Pioneer in Corneal Transplantation

I was one of the first surgeons to offer lamellar corneal transplantation, sutureless corneal transplantation.  And, when I wrote, ‘Lamellar Keratoplasty’, the first textbook chapter on modern lamellar corneal transplants, I anticipated and recognized this innovation would become the most popular form of corneal transplantation

Corneal & External Disease Specialist

As a dedicated corneal specialist, I am deeply committed to ensuring the health and clarity of this crucial part of your eye. The cornea, a transparent, dome-shaped surface that covers the iris and pupil, is vital for focusing your vision.

My expertise lies in diagnosing and treating a wide range of corneal conditions. Beyond managing corneal diseases, I am skilled in performing advanced procedures. My approach is not just about pioneering treatments; it’s about tailoring them to fit your unique needs, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your vision.

My friendly, approachable demeanor and willingness to engage in meaningful conversations ensure that you’re not just receiving exceptional care but are also thoroughly informed and comfortable throughout your journey to better vision.

Choosing me as your corneal specialist means entrusting your eyes to someone who combines a pioneering spirit with a compassionate touch, committed to excellence in both patient care and advancing the field.


Importantly, I have always integrated charity into my business models.  I developed a clinical integration program with Waterloo University (Canada); the addition of fifteen volunteer Canadian eye doctors per year enabled me to become one the largest private donators of medical and surgical charity in the US between 2000-2013.

I am passionate about what I do and am thankful every day that I have found my calling in a profession which enables me to have a direct and positive impact on people’s lives.

Comprehensive & Corneal Eye Care

Corneal Transplantation

Refractive surgery: LASIK, Refractive cataract.

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